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Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

With a combined 45+ years experience, Kelly, Monica, and Monica have failed and failed again before they found success. They now want to help you skip some of the failure steps to really skyrocket your success to the next level.

The bottom line is…

You know how important it is to dive into your business, marketing, and social media strategies to set yourself up for success.

How do I know this program is for me?

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This program is for you if…

You are struggling to take your business to the next level

You’ve tried what seems to be everything and you’re not seeing results

You've tried listening to other gurus who can’t seem to get you to your goals

You're ready to put in the deep work, roll up your sleeves, and really change your life and business

You've been stuck at a place in your business for a long time and can’t figure out how to find your way to the next steps


Let’s be clear on who Trifecta Group Coaching is NOT for:

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You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme

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You are not ready to take the actions needed to level up

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You have a side business and aren’t ready to let go of your 9-5

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You don’t own a business



A One-on-one session with Monica, Monica, and Kelly that determines where you are now and where you want to go


Access to the Trifecta’s Facebook Mastermind Group of like-minded entrepreneurs so you don’t go it alone


8 Week course (24 training videos) focused on the 3 key areas to grow your business: overall business, marketing, & social media


Weekly live sessions focused on each of the 3 key areas; bring your questions, challenges, etc.


Full year of access to the Trifecta Mastermind Group for continued support


Resources, worksheets, and homework to keep you moving towards your goals


What people are saying:

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"My revenue has more than doubled in the short time we’ve worked together. My higher targets seem and feel more achievable now. I’m so excited for what’s ahead, her guidance and accountability have been a straight-up blessing!"
Tara Brown
Parallel Lines

We get it… investing in your business can be scary!

Imagine yourself 8 weeks from now and you’ve reached your goals...
How would you feel?

In 8 weeks from now, how would you feel if:

  • You have a clear plan to continue your success

  • You have a launch marketing plan for your next launch

  • You no longer are exhausted and lost when it comes to social media

  • You are confident in your strategy to show up authentically online

But we will not only serve you best on all things business knowledge, marketing strategy, and social media planning - but also with accountability, support, and an action plan to get you to your next level.

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Hey there, go getter!

We are Monica V, Kelly, & Monica A, the founders of Trifecta! 

With 45+ years of entrepreneurship experience, we are here to support you and your business growth!

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Monica Van Landingham

Monica Van Landingham: entrepreneur of 20 years, Social Media Manager of 10 years. From owning brick & mortar facilities to owning vacation homes to managing social media for herself and her clients, it is no overstatement to say that she has seen it all! Through Monica's journey, she learned to navigate and apply Social Media in the simplest of ways. Social media manager, strategist, and coach for small to mid-size businesses-Monica thrives on helping entrepreneurs/business owners embrace and apply multiple Applications to their Businesses.

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Kelly Lanes

Kelly Lanes is the Owner, Founder and Chief Caffeination Officer of Caffeine with Kelly LLC. She started Caffeine with Kelly in December 2020 with the vision to add some caffeination to marketing plans! Her mission and passion are to add more positivity to the world, one cup of coffee at a time. With 10+ years of marketing experience, she brings authenticity, customization, deep strategy work, and caffeination to the marketing space.

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Monica Allen

Monica Allen is a serial entrepreneur who overcame the obstacle of growing up with a young single mother, living below the poverty line. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, she worked in Corporate America and obtained a Master's degree in business.  After 8 years in corporate she took the leap to set out on her entrepreneurial journey. She has since grown an 8 figure company and has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. She is now the host of the Become Your Own Boss podcast helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs launch, grow and scale their businesses while also being the boss of every area of their lives.

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What's Included:

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While Kelly and Monica V are the ones behind Trifecta marketing, Monica A is the one behind all business operations. This trifecta of a tag team was created to be there to support you all in every aspect of your business.


We’ve worked together for almost 2 years serving small businesses through business, marketing and social media support. 


If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, show up fearlessly, level up consistently, so that you can evolve into their greatest version of yourself… we are only a click away.


See you inside of the Trifecta Group Coaching Program! 


Grab your cup of coffee, and let’s get started!



Monica, Kelly + Monica

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Image by Jess Bailey


  • What if this program doesn't work for me?
    We don’t like anything cookie cutter! Even though there are training videos created for you to help you learn on your own, there are 8 live training sessions to support your specific needs throughout the program.
  • I’ve tried everything already with no luck, how is this different?
    To be honest, if you’ve tried everything, you wouldn’t be here! Maybe you’ve watched other people sell things online or grow a business or launch a product and you tried a couple of their tactics, threw spaghetti at the wall, and nothing stuck for you. There could be many reasons why things didn’t work in the past. We are here to show you how to get your message clear, market to the right people, have the right processes in place to scale, and show up authentically and powerfully in social media.
  • I’m still nervous about investing
    We totally get it! That’s normal. But if you’re truly ready to up level, put in the work necessary (or delegate it), and see the growth you’ve been waiting for, then let’s get you started. If you don't decide to join us, that's okay, as long as it isn’t because of “I’m too scared to make this leap in my business - so my dreams will have to wait” but from a place of "this isn't something my business needs right now, so I will turn this down this time".
  • I want you all for more than 8 weeks
    After 8 weeks, we will show you options on how to continue working with us. We are service-based entrepreneurs and want to genuinely help you grow/scale your business! As long as you want us, we want you!
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